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Construction Application Submit

Looking for a good Mobile Home Repair construction worker/s who can make repairs to mobile homes and move in, lease, or sell. Must be good team player and have basic knowledge / experience of home repair (floors, roof, wall, electrical, windows, plumbing, painting, etc). Will need own tools and transportation, possibility to move on-site. If interested, please fill out and submit application below:

Contractor Only Application
First name  *
Last name  *
Middle Initial  *
Contact Telephone # (Include area code)  *
Date of Birth  *
Current Address Steet  *
City  *
State  *
Do you have a Valid Drivers License  *
Drivers License Number  *
Social Security Number  *
Do you have a vehicle  *
Do you own a Truck/ Van  *
Do you have your own tools?  *
If Yes, List type of tools  *
Do you have a generator (no power on-site)
List Home Repair Experience (paint, sheetrock repair, door/window framing, other)  *
Can you speak Spanish?  *
Current Employment status  *
Employer Name?  *
Monthly income?  *
Other income and source? (explain)  *
Employer Address?  *
How long on job?  *
Employer contact number?  *
List References (Name/Contact info)  *
Would you be interested in moving on site  *
E-mail  *
Current landlord name?  *
Years with landlord?  *
Landlord contact number?  *
Current Rent amount?  *
Any Pets? If yes what kind  *
How many pets and size?  *
Total Number of Occupants (list relation/ age)  *
Move in Date?  *
Why Moving?  *
* Required fields

Place your full resume or CV here.

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